Do people still blog? Is this still a thing?

Look at the guy who still wears a wallet chain caring about being current. Fuck it I’m doing it anyway.

Welcome to Edgetrinkets, a place for all things Danny Smith. My hope is this place will serve as my online clipping book and occasional place to squirt my mind ink if I get startled enough. I’ve gathered what remains of my online writing after three blog crashing’s and various other websites disappearing. I will be going through and adding some ledes to give context and intro for each post so bear with me, although most are self explanatory or still have the editorial lede from where there were originally

Allow me to give the tuppenny tour

Home – These are the finest of fine posts, my favourites I’ve written, if you were browsing this is these are the posts

About – I, like anyone sane or not a malignant narcissist, hate writing these things. So welcome to a series of vague boasts and a couple of tolerable photos of me. At the bottom of the page you’ll find a contact form and my social media profiles (my tumblr has a few posts that I wrote and fired into the world without linking to them or telling anyone – shhhhhh sekrit Danny content)

Blog – A complete list of my blog posts, ordered most recent first, which was the style at the time – the rss is here

Now That’s What I Call Danny Vol 2 – This is best of blog, this is the feed to follow if you don’t want the housekeeping and the plugs and post to post ephemera. The feed is here.

Paradise Circus – I can also be found over on Paradise Circus as Contributing Editor. And if my internet shithousery has worked it should automagicly pull my latest posts from there to this page. You can find a complete history of my writing for both Paradise Circus and its earlier incarnation, Birmingham Its Not Shit, here.

Archive – These are Pdf Scans and screenshots from old articles and posts, I cant vouch for the quality of the visuals or writing. only a Danny completest would be digging around here.

Books – All the books I have written or contributed too are here, a couple are fee or at least available for pennies. Check em out x

I want to thank Jon Hickman, Mark ‘Steaders’ Steadman for answering my constant whiney questions in setting up this website, And, as ever, Jon Bounds, for more than I can say adequately here.

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    1. I am number 1 Parf fan and dearly wish there was a Parf newsletter I could subscribe too. Or a fan club, or even an 0800 number – Parfchat, hot scousers are in your area ready too chat.

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